Become the part of our society and help the students to educate them and transform their lives through Digital Technology - a fast, wide, secure and easily accessible mode for them to learn anything they want.
If you want to know more about Digi-Pathshala Project – Check out here (Link of overview page)

How can You make a difference in this Movement?
(Note: All donations are tax-exempted under section 80G of the Income Tax Act, 1961.)
1. Share a part of your income in this great cause
We believe that these students should have continued access to computers.
While they were all thrilled at the prospect of building their self-skills and creating for themselves an online presence, all the students had their own relationships with technology.
We want to give them the opportunity to follow their passion.
We want to raise enough to give this NGO an adequate number of computers so each student can become proficient in his area of interest, and acquire the skills that will ensure success in today's technology-oriented world.
Donate for Digi-Pathshala E-Learning Programme & Adopt a Student: ₹999/year for ONE Student
You can donate for as many children as you want, your 999/- can help one student to complete his one-year education.
The year 2020 is going really difficult for all of us and also for the children in perusing their education, let’s come together and raise your hands to help them to get their education with the technology even without going to school.
Donate Now – (If you’re an Indian Nationals (India Payment page link) Donate Now – (If you’re from other country) (International Payment page link)

Donate for Digi-Pathshala Class Room Programme & Adopt a School: INR 1682/ student, minimum of 100 students.
How your fund will be utilized - Breakup of Fund Utilization: - It costs INR 1682 to support 1 child and you can adopt minimum 100 children for 1 year and through this campaign we would like to raise funds for set of 100 children,200 children ,300 children, 500 children, 1000 children and so on.
Request you to join us with your valuable contribution to make our nation a better place in the near future.
Let us bring the change to convert our Rural India which is a major part of India to be our strength!
We hope you join us in our journey towards a better future- as we strive to put 100 children back into school, and change their lives forever.

Donate Now – (If you’re an Indian National) (India Payment page link)
Donate Now – (If you’re from other country) (International Payment page link)
What we’ll do of your donation?
We seek your support to enable these children to fulfil their dreams and have a brighter and sustainable future.
With the money raised, we will be able to:
1. procure a projector, speakers and computer for the schools/community/society;
2. Pay the various expenses needed in running learning Centre’s across India.
3. Organize workshops for Ngo’s, panchayats, Individuals, other need-based area of country.
The problems our country faces right now are immense and cannot be solved overnight. However, we firmly believe in the saying -- “Drops of water make an ocean...”, and we call upon you to be that drop of water in this ocean, striving hard to achieve the goal of eliminating educational inequity and helping to shape India into the country we all know it can be.

2. By Donating Old/ New Devices:
You can also donate Laptops, computers and iPads and that must be in a working condition.
There are two ways you can donate your device for our students – 1. Courier your device on our official address: # 1, Farm House, Main Road Khuda Ali sher , Chandigarh,160001
And share your contact details to receive an acknowledgement letter.
Form: First Name, Last Name, E-Mail ID, Mobile Number

2. Fill the form to schedule a pick-up by our volunteer from your
Form: First Name, Last Name, E-Mail ID, Mobile Number, Address (Country, City (dropdown list of selected countries & cities) 3. If you don’t find your location in the list, please contact us here: Mail ID: Mobile: +91-8427009040ARE YOU A STUDENT – REGISTER HERE (Registration Page Link)

Help us so we can help others

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