SAFE HANDS REHABILITATION SOCIETY (SHRS) is an organization that is always active in helping forwards to the one who is in need and is based on North India.

SHRS had dedicated to the Welfare Services of our society including Human Beings affected with Autism, Learning Disabilities, Hearing/ Visual/ Vocal Disabilities & Physically Handicapped, etc. SAFE HANDS REHABILITATION SOCIETY is a legally registered organization by The Government of India under The Society Registration Act 1860. The Society is also registered under 12A, 80G & FCRA Government of India. “SHRS” is working full time to enable these "Special People‟ of the human populace to achieve optimal possible capabilities to spend their lives like normal citizens of society. Our projects include Empowering Children/ Individuals with Special needs, Education, Skills, Training, Health, Women Empowerment, Biometric/Psychometric, Assessment, Counseling, Organic Farming, Drug de addiction and Solar Installations.

As the SHRS continues to build its network through learning and innovation, it also manages to make improvements in its quality of work and research.

SHRS has started to help to educate Indians with a purpose to promote education among the underprivileged. They are developmental the program includes the provision of health care, education, livelihood for children and women, equally affected by the lack of resources. Some of their programs are Smile on wheels, mission education, and smile twin e-learning program.

Our Organisation is registered by Govt. of Punjab (India) vide Registration No. 437/2012-13 under society Registration Act of 1860; under Foreign contribution Regulation Act 1976 vide Regd. No. 115320042 dated 07/01/2019; under 12AA & 80G of the Income Tax Act 1961 vide Letter No. 12AA/AAIAS9915R/647 dated 08/04/2016 & 80G/AAIAS9915R/1120 dated 19/06/2017 respectively.

Following are the Certificate links :

Registration certificate of the organisation.

Government order pertaining to tax exemption under Section 12A of the Income Tax Act

Government permission related to the Foreign Currency Regulation Act (FCRA)

Renewal of registration under Foreign Contributions Registration Act (FCRA)

Quarterly and annual financial reports of the organisation

Information on Staff Distribution and Board Members

Quarterly and annual financial reports of the organisation

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